About stuttering

Not just repeating yourself Stutters don’t always sound like repeating a sound or a word over and over again (although some do!). A stutter can also be made up of things called blocks and prolongations – in other words, not being able to start a sound or getting stuck on a sound. They may also […]

Evett Lattouf – Principal Speech Pathologist

Evett the principal speech pathologist, who qualified from the University of Sydney with a B. App. Sc. (Speech Pathology), and La Trobe University Victoria with a Grad. Cert. (Dysphagia). She is an English and Lebanese speaking speech pathologist. She is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and a member of Speech Pathology Australia, a registered provider […]


Speech in Focus, Speech Pathology Services is an experienced and family centered practice offering speech, language, stuttering, social thinking and literacy assessments and therapy for young children and school students. We offer communication and swallowing services in residential aged care facilities. Speech in Focus, Speech Pathology Services’ belief is to make changes in the person’s life and […]

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